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The Under 30's

Sporty Girls

Do you really need any test. After all you are at the prime of you life. Your body is healthy and young, not yet exposed to all those physical and emotional stresses that age brings to all of us. Nevertheless, lets make sure there are no Hiccups.  We have designed a package just for you.

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Your Package Includes these 25 tests;

Complete Blood Count

Did you know a CBC gives an idea of you bone marrow as your blood is made here. It measures your Red cells, White cells & Platelets. Not only does it tell us the amount there is, but also the shape and size and indeed the different types they may be. These give us clues regarding your vitamins levels and your iron levels allowing us to judge your diet indirectly. Therefore we will do a Complete Blood Count.

Stool Test

Street food, so tempting. However its tempting to the flies as well. Lets make sure you haven't picked up a Parasite. We will do a Stool Routine.

Blood Glucose

Glucose. Of course it's included.

Lipid Profile

Your lipids are fats flowing through your blood vessels. Chances are they have not yet caused any problems given your age. However, if high, they can clog your arteries later in life. So lets measure your Cholesterol and Triglycerides, This will help us give you the right advise on your diet. 

The Humble ESR

The Jack of all trades. It tells us when there is swelling, infection or inflammation in the body. A good test to make sure all is good. We will measure it.

Kidney Function

The Kidneys job is to excrete our waste, usually made from Nitrogen. So our body changes this Nitrogen to Urea, which dissolves easily in water, allowing our kidneys to throw it out.  If this is good your kidneys are likely good. Meanwhile, Creatinine is a waste product that comes from the normal wear and tear on our muscles of the body. A high level may be an early sign that our kidneys are not working properly. So we measure both Urea and Creatinine.

Thyroid Test

Our master gland, The Pituitary, produces a hormone called TSH, that messages our Thyroid Gland telling it how much to work. So by measuring TSH, we are able to judge your Thyroid. How clever. We will do a TSH level.

Urine Routine

Our Urine should have all the waste with no good stuff in it. Therefore if we find good things like glucose or proteins we know something is wrong.  Let's do it.

Liver Function

The LFT's have many test. How ever you may not need all at your age. So what's important. Our SGOT & SGPT are enzymes called transferases present inside our liver cells. If your liver cells are damaged, they leak these enzymes into the blood. That's a good start. If these are normal, chances are your liver is good.  Let's measure SGOT & SGPT levels

What Else Will We Do?

Let' also do the easy stuff, your height, weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse and Oxygen Saturations.

Then let's get you to see someone. Someone who knows what your results mean. They can high light any concerns and advise you. They may even want to refer you on to a specialist. 

Want to add more test?

If there are any blood investigations that you require in addition to the package, please let us know. We will throw them in as well with a 30% discount.

Designer Pack

Mid Life Crisis

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