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Health Check

Not only Tests, but we will also analyse your reports and advise you.

While many centres can do the tests, we actually interpret them as well. This means that you will be seen by someone who will analyse the reports, and advise accordingly. The advise may be simple lifestyle modification, or medication or even just a compliment. After all, if you pass with flying colours, "Well Done". 

Health Package Options

Unlike most health packages, our packages are not just about blood tests. We incorporate Radiology Imaging, Lung Function Tests, Stool & Urine Tests as well as ECG and Exercise Tolerance Tests as required. After all, our packages are designed keeping in mind the patients age & gender. If you have pre-existing medical conditions we can tailor make a package especially for you. 

To Book now

Call us on 01143794200

For Pregnant Women

You are not sick, but are responsible for 2. Chose the package that incorporates "Buy 1, get 1 Free'. 

Designer Packages

You are unique. You may be a smoker, or obese, or maybe even both. Your body needs a different check up. Contact us for that designer experience. 



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