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Pregnant? That' 2 of you... or is it more


You are Special and you need looking after. Your body is unique as it has 2 of everything. So your test need to be designed for both of you. After all what is more important than you? The little One. 

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Your Pacakge Includes:

Complete Blood Count

A Complete Blood Count is always important as it helps in diagnosing Anaemia, Infections & Clotting Disorders.

Haemoglobin Studies

We need to ensure that you are not carrying a genetic abnormality of your blood cells which can endanger your baby. This simple test helps identify carriers of Thallaesemia and other blood disorders.

Blood Glucose

Gestational Diabetes is Diabetes in pregnancy. It can cause harm to your baby.

HIV Serology

Another viral disease that can be passed from mother to baby. The idea is to test and treat if appropriate.


A sexually transmitted disease which causes immense danger to the baby, if not treated early.

Urine Routine & Microscopy

Gestational Diabetes, Urinary Tract Infection & Pre-eclampsia, all cause risk to either the baby, mother or both. The humble urine can help us diagnose these earlier and treat if appropriate.

Blood Group & Rh Factor

Rh Factor becomes extra important in pregeancy. Rh is a protein found on the surface of your Red cells. Having the protein makes you Rh+ve, and not having it is Rh-ve. The problem arises if your are Rh-ve & your baby is Rh+ve, as your body identifies your baby as a different blood group. This can be easily prevented by a simple injection.

Hepatitis B

A virus induced disease that can be passed on from the baby to the mother. To prevent this we test and vaccinate if appropriate.


An acronym for Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus & Herpes Type 1 & 2. All a danger to the baby, We cant have that; can we? So we test the mother in advance. Oh, that's good. 

Thyroid Levels

During pregnancy our Thyroid gland gets stimulated a bit more than normal, which can result in problems. Now, we don't want that to happen.

Hepatitis C

Another virus induced disease that can be passed on from the baby to the mother. A silent killer.... that's what its called. To prevent this we test and treat if appropriate.

Let' also do the easy stuff as well. your height, your weight and your Blood Pressure. 

Then let's get you to see someone. Someone who knows what your results mean. They can high light any concerns and advise you. They may even want to refer you on to a specialist. 

60, Not Out

Designer Pack

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