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Ms Saba Sheikh

B.Sc Food & Nutrition, AMU

M.Sc Food & Nutrition, AMU

DDPHN, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition

                Lady Irwin College, Delhi University

Internship, AIIMS, New Delhi

Consultant Nutritionist Abbott India for children

My Story

After completing my Batchelors and Masters from ALigarh Muslim University, i moved to Delhi to pusue my special interest which is Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition. Following this I completed my internship from AIIMS, New Delhi

Since then I have been in Talwar Medical Centre as Head Nutrionalist catering to both Out Patients and In Patients. My specialist interest is with Weight Loss, Diabetes, Nutrional Deficiency.

It is her that I have specailist in diet advice for Obesity in conjugation with Intra-gastric balloon. I provide counselling prior, during and after Intra-gastric balloon placement. The aim is not just to lose weight, mut to modify life style choices with a view to sustaining weight loss long trem.


Phone: +91 11 4379 4200

Dr S Dua

Dr R Singh

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