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  • What TPA's does Talwar Hospital have on their panel?
    We are covered by most TPA's in India. For a complete list, please refer to "Insurance & TPA's" in our Sevices Section. For further information please contact out TPA Desk on +91 11 4379 4213
  • Can you help with Pre-authorisation from my TPA prior to admission?
    Our TPA desk will be happy to assist with Pre-authorization prior to admission. Please provide us with your Insurance details as well as your doctors prescription. For further information please contact us on +91 11 4379 4213.
  • Why should I chose Talwar Medical Centre?
    We at Talwar Medical Centre, are a family run hospital. Our aim is to provide personal, high quality, ethical care to you. Over the past 30 years, we have established a reputation of excellence and honesty.
  • How can I get in touch with Talwar Hospital?
    Please visit out Contact page on this website where all details are provided. You may telephone us, email us or visit us in person.
  • Do you provide pre-anaesthesia check ups?
    Yes, we have all the services and facilities for this. Please bring your prescription so that we may do only those tests required by your doctor.
  • Do you treat Covid-19?
    We have opted not to treat Covid-19 in the interest of the neighborhood. However we provide first aid and Oxygen therapy, until a bed may be found for your patient. Post Covid treatment is provided with Oxygen facilities and a concentrator is available at each bed.
  • Do you have an Operation theatre?
    We have 3 Operation Theatres equipped with the latest state of the art equipment. One Operation theatre is dedicated to Fluoroscopy, where treatment of Kidney stones, Hip or Knee replacement surgery is performed. The Major Operation Theatre is dedicated to complex surgeries and is designed to provide a large working space for a large team to be involved. The Minor Operation Theatre plays a back up to Normal Deliveries.
  • Is your laboratory NABL accredited?
    We have tied in with "Immuno-diagnostics", one of India's most reputable NABL accredited laboratories to provide round the clock pathology services.
  • What all services do you provide?
    From General physicians, to Specialists and Super Specialists, we cover nearly all facets of medicine. For a full list, please visit our "Sevices" page on this website.
  • Do you have radiology facilities?
    We have the latest Digital X-ray machine as well as Ultrasonography and Echocardiography, performed by doctors, not technicians.
  • Do you provide comprehensive Preventive Health Checks?
    Yes, indeed we have Fully Comprehensive Health Packages. Further more, we have tailor made packages based on age and gender. For further information please visit our "Services" page on this website..
  • Do you provide Covid-19 vaccination?
    Yes we are registered through the Central Portal for Covid-19 vaccination. We have a seperate desk at our centre to help you with registration.
  • Do you have 24 hour emergency care?
    We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. We provide first aid and treatment on a triage basis, where the sickest are attended to on priority. Our casualty is housed by round the clock Doctor availibility as well as Nursing staff. We also have an on-site ambulance for rapid pick up, drop and transfer of patients.
  • Do you have an ambulance service?
    We have a BLS accredited on-site ambulance with on-site driver availalbility, round the clock.
  • How many beds do you have?
    We are a licensed 15 bedded hospital with Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Single rooms, Double Rooms and General wards. In addition we have 9 stand by beds when required at times of high demand like Dengue or Covid-19 outbreaks.
  • Do you allow visitors?
    We believe that vistors are therapeutic to patients and so encourage visitors. However we ask you to limit the number of visitors and timings for comfort and peace of your patient.
  • Do you allow attendants to stay overnight with the patient?
    Every room is provided with an attendant bed. Even our general wards provide sleeping arrangements for the attendant.
  • Do you allow outside food for in patients?
    Out side food is allowed provided, it is deemed safe for your patient. Please contact our in-house Dietician, if you have any doubts.
  • Do you have a canteen?
    We have an in-house kitchen which provides safe, hygenic and tailor made food to your patient. We also can accommodate food for the attendant. Snacks are provided from 8 AM to 6 PM, subject to availability.
  • How can I find out your room rates?
    Our room rates are prominently displayed at our reception. Alternatively you may contact Admission Desk on +91 11 4379 4200
  • What category rooms do you have?
    We cater to all economic strata by providing Super Deluxe to General Wards. Please contact Admission Desk on +91 11 4379 4200 for room rates.
  • How can I take an appointment with a doctor?
    We provide online booking as well as booking through our friendly Front Office available round the clock on +91 11 4379 4200. For a particular doctor, we have provided contact information on his/her page. Walk in appointments are also accommodated, with 24 hour Resident Doctor availability.
  • How much does a consultation cost?
    Consultation rates vary from doctor to doctor. Please contact Front Office for further information on +91 11 4379 4200
  • How can I get a quotation?
    Please email us through the "Contact" page with as much information as possible. Our International Patient Desk will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can you help with FRRO?
    All medical personnel with an M type visa are required to register with the Foreign Regional Registration office within 14 days of arrival to the country. Our International Patient desk will be happy to provide you with information if you require.
  • How can I get an appointment with your doctor from my Home country?
    We have provided Online Booking facilities on our website. Please visit the Home page. For On-line consults we have provided a separate section on the Home page.
  • Can you help me get a Visa?
    While we are not authorised to issue Visas, we can provide you with a letter justifying a visit or extension of stay, if appropriate. Please provide us with you Local doctors prescription or Our doctors prescription. If you do not have either, please contact our International Patient help desk.
  • Do you provide online consults?
    With Covid-19, we have broadenend our services to online consults as well. While we appreciate this is not optimal, it does allow access to doctors, for patients who are unable to visit Delhi. For further information, please visit our Online Care column on the Home page
  • Can you help me with the local language?
    We have licensed Interpreters on our panel who can help you with translation. Please let us know your preffered language.
  • Can you help me with accommodation?
    While we provide accommodation for 1 attendant, we do not have in-house accommodation for families. However we can recommend, reputable places for you and your family to stay close by.
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